Advanced Cyber Security Research

Wireless Secured conducts advanced cyber security and scientific research in a number of areas.

Some areas of research include:
  • Wireless Communications Security and Defense
  • Cyber Crime Attack Vectors and Attack Surfaces
  • Cyber Terrorism Prevention
  • Botnets, 0-day Threats, DDoS Attacks
  • Metamorphic and Polymorphic Viruses and Worms
  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Research
  • Offensive Cyber Security Tactics and Defense
  • Encryption Code Breaking, Quantum Computing
  • Network Perimeter Device Attack Methodologies
  • Electromagnetic Radiation Attacks on Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security Attacks Against Micro Controllers
  • Biometric Access and Control System Weaknesses
  • Nanotechnology Uses and Threat Vectors

We also research heavily in a variety of scientific fields including molecular biology, particle physics, polymer chemistry and nanotechnology.

To see how we can help you keep up to date with the latest cyber security research and scientific breakthroughs call 310-722-2383 and ask for our R&D department.

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